Be There
                    Words & music: Lora Bird


Born in a place with manners and grace

hold over your tears donít let it show on your face

He learned to say   And have a nice day

and do what your told a young boy they'd scold



I want to be there

When your sun is rising    be there

When you get that look in your eyes

I want to be there      when your love is flying

Show that I care  when you feel like dying


Hold it away     and say itís OK  but

buried inside alone you hide

cause nobody knows the difference

between  whatís real and what they want

Oh you want to protect her

and so you neglects her

No you donít want to hurt her

and so you desert her


All safe inside  a lonely boy hides

Awaiting the answers to his cries

Canít anyone see the difference between whatís me

and what they want

I see the boy inside of the man

with no time for joy   no time for who I am

He may not be,  just what I need but

Iím giving him my love and that's guaranteed

Management: Majesis Productions
Copyright©2001 All rights Reserved.