Raw, fine and true to the core, this talented woman has come to the forefront of her life.  From the brutal to the blessed, like a phoenix she rises from the flames of herstory with unstoppable spirit. 

  According to Lora, "music is pure freedom to be who I am".  She has turned writing, playing and recording into an avalanche of powerful moving songs.

Singing of truths that can not be bought, sold or traded, this Vancouver born and raised artist personifies talent, beauty and an  inner strength that is not comparable.  Lora Bird passionately embodies growth in all dimensions. 

As the  mother of a magical preschooler, wife, kindergarten teacher, martial artist, painter, poet, songwriter and performer Lora begins to show the depths of her creativity and compassion.  

Given a guitar by her father at thirteen and taught four chords, Lora started out playing rock, rhythm and blues.   By the age of sixteen she began writing original material often in self invented tunings and combining influences from virtually every genre of music.  

Arriving fresh onto the Vancouver music scene, she has spent the last ten years teaching young children the same truths that her music so creatively expresses:  Unconditional love, honesty, faith, responsibility and respect.  But if you ask her, she'll say that the children are her teachers. 



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