Open Eyes New CD Release
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Heal the Heart
    Secret    Hold On  
Love You    No More    Stay

Song Lyrics:  Heal the Heart   Stay   Secret     Open Eyes    Hold On    Side by Side      Be There     No More   Quiet Now        Love You
Open Eyes is an inspiring and compassionate wake up call summoning the joy and vibrancy of life out its darkest corners.   Integrating a full spectrum of musical and cultural influences,  Lora's unique and cohesive blend of ethereal rock,   driving African and Celtic rhythms and heart rending ballads  encompass a sound so potent and blissful that only in experiencing it will you truly realize its power.  

Collaborating with three very talented  producers and instrumentalists; Vince Jones, Richard Sera and Andreas Schuld, Lora's vocal and guitar work was brilliantly augmented.  In addition, several of Vancouver's finest musicians contributed including Phil Robertson on Drums, Doug Elliot, Brian Newcombe and John Dryden on bass, Harold Birston on cello and Keith Bennet on harmonica.   Also included are Lora's  special friends such as Cassandra Fletcher playing wine glasses and the African bean and Milan Gelon on Didjeridu. 

Lora's rich, textured, multi-octave voice is accompanied by her unusual acoustic guitar tunings and piano arrangements.  Her lyrics are intimate, intelligent and universally accessible revealing deeper and deeper layers of meaning.  No matter what our life circumstances,  Open Eyes stirs compassion and awakens the promise of the future. 

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