Hold On
words & music: Lora Bird  

When you're having a hard time  going too fast

Just donít understand what makes the good times last          Hold on   

When your heart is breaking  and you canít take the rain

Seems like youíve been here again and again               Hold on

Every body's faking  it no you just canít trust

Nobody listens So you do what you must      Hold on



Hold on to your soul   when it gets dark when in gets cold  
You'll be tempted

Youíll be blinded by their greed   exploited in your need   intimidated

But donít you hate them

It might be hard to comprehend but you will thank them in the end

They make you  you stronger  Then you ever wouldíve been


When your caught in the middle and you're gonna get burned

Step out of the riddle  answer what could you learn  if you           Hold on

Maybe a different perspective on another day

If you could get through this one  nothing could stand in your way   Hold on

When everything around you doesnít match what you know

And youíve got to get away  but thereís no way to go        Hold on



Donít give up    on  yourself          Live out your soul dream  
One heart   not for sale      Just get stronger


Ooo you want to give it up  but you don't know how

You need some direction but there's no where to turn        Hold on

If you don't have the power  there will come a day

The tables will turn you'll be ready I pray    If you    Hold on

I can't tell you anything  you don't already know

they can take may life from me but I hold on to my soul   Hold on


But if I told you,  you wouldn't believe me so I hold on too

Just waiting for the light to shine my way

yes,  I'm waiting for the light to shine my way



Management: Majesis Productions
Copyright©2001 All rights Reserved.