No More
                                words & music Lora Bird


No more crying,   no saying good bye

No more trying   to read that look in your eyes  

No more wasting this precious gift of time

No more loneliness

No more fighting these lessons  Iíve learned

No more waiting for spirits return                              

No more blaming no more anger to burn

No more loneliness 


We spend thousands of years living out  our fears

Looking a gift horse in the mouth                                 CHORUS

Chasing shadows of doubt     

No more    No more


No more lying the truth you canít deny

No more silence    itís not safer to comply

No more resistance  you canít hold back the tide        

No more loneliness

No more doubting  no worry no shame

No more abuses  I pray in Godís name          

No more pollution of the land from which we came

No more loneliness





Youíve got t to be truthful   If you want to be strong

The power of hate will   only do you harm

Tell me whoíve you got to live with

Who who has got to carry you on


Management: Majesis Productions
Copyright©2001 All rights Reserved.