Open Eyes                   words & music: Lora Bird


         I will open my eyes

And I wonít stop loviní you

No        no      it doesínt matter          what you do

It donít even matter       now if youíre blue and gone away Ďcause

Itís all right now        its all right I say

I donít take my love away



If I donít take you as you are

then I forsake your greatest power

no-one can make you what you arenít          

And I donít care where you come from     thatís not what you are

And I donít care what theyíve done to you   thatís not what you are

I donít care   I don't care  I don't care

You could be    right in front of me

Would I see you                       would I see        

Oh          how it hurts me      to love you so

I know I seemed to be happy,   but I am 

scared  to be anything,  anything else but what you want me to be

You donít care    about anything,    anything else but what you donít want to feel





I  will open my eyes

Management: Majesis Productions
Copyright©2001 All rights Reserved.