Quiet Now                              words & music: Lora Bird 

Always  keep me                                                                  

Hold me close

and I wonít forsake you

 no I won't let you  fall


Just put you faith inside me

and your feet on the ground

I am always guiding

I wonít let you down


I may be  quiet  now  but I    Iím coming up strong

Surround me    cold blue fear               

You  know that nothing can hold me down                               Chorus

Illusion disappears  and love is all thatís found


Donít push  donít hurry If you rush

Its gonna make you fall                        

Just trust donít worry

your life will be worth it all



There's no judge  no jury 

no test   thereís no pass or fail

and your grudge   your fury

i your best to see through the veil




I  I'm    changing

Inside  I'm    calm

 my eyes  see different                                   

Like the eye in a storm



Management: Majesis Productions
Copyright©2001 All rights Reserved.