Secret                         words & music:  Lora Bird


Go on tell me a secret      Just tell me something

that you want me to know     

This little secrets been waiting

This little key is going open the door



Its all right  itís gonna be OK

ĎCause Iím here to love you and Iím here to stay

Itís all right  Ďcause youíve come this far

So right thatís what you are        


Throw it in girl        give it up 

don't hang on     

ooo you get so wound up 

Open up Iíll give you room

the butterfly must fly now from the dark  cocoon



Open up girl    let me in   

no matter what you feel

no matter where youíve been

Itís you and me itís already done

Sweet victory child youíve already won




You may be a curious girl        growing up in a mysterious  world

We're gonna find out what you want to know    

Over the Mystery where answers grow   

Over the Mystery where answers grow 


Management: Majesis Productions
Copyright©2001 All rights Reserved.