Stay                                             words & music: Lora Bird


Now I may have been hurt but itís time to let go

And to grow and to grow   yes I know   we have the strength

weíve got what it takes          I know   weíll make mistakes

true love we wonít waste



Say     youíll stay      donít leave before we touch

And in the morniní sun you rise and shine your eyes

shine your love on me

Iíll become undone Iíll be your only one   for you and you for me


All of my life   I have waited so long for my love to be strong

Now I stand here on my own    I donít have to be alone

just when youíre over  love    that is when it comes



There's not much that I know for certain

and there ain't no guarantees

good love   it's gonna take some working

that's meant to be




Itís out of my hands this is more than I can control

I  donít understand   but I know         that our love grows

Like  around the sun   the earth must go

to you I give my heart,  with you I share my soul



Management: Majesis Productions
Copyright©2001 All rights Reserved.